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Incident Management Services

Effective incident management is centred on the quick restoration of normal operation, immediately following an incident. The SES Group carries out major incident management to ensure further disruption to business is prevented, and site safety and efficiency is restored and maintained without further risk.

We take a meticulous approach to incident management, logging incidents electronically in our own reporting system, and classifying incidents according to impact and urgency.

If you require quick response times, and professional security incident management, contact our team today.

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Quick Response Times

This allows us to provide a suitable response on and case-by-case basis. Our incident management services cover London, Birmingham & across the Midlands.

Whatever the incident, we ensure a prompt and informed response and resolution – including in-depth reports which will help inform future prevention of similar incidents.

Our professional security team can advise and provide support so you have the best security for your situation, take a look at our security management service for more information.

Along with incident management, our operatives are trained to provide traffic management – be that for parking at an event or road closures.

For more information, contact our knowledgeable team today.

For more information, call us today on 020 8804 5058

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  • Established in 1998
  • Security Specialists
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