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Security Surveys

In order to devise the best possible security plan for a premises or event, a security survey is required. Through security surveys, we can carry out a thorough risk assessment of your site, identifying the areas where security needs improving, and eliminating issues that lead to losses.

Our security surveys assess everything from the physical security of your premises to the policies you currently have in place, and once we have gathered the data about the way you work, we can recommend steps to improve the areas that need improvement.


Risk Assessments

The way we assess a client’s security situation is by evaluation of their assets. Assets include people, equipment, infrastructure, data and even the brand and reputation of a client.

Once we have gathered all the relevant information, we can assess where or how threats may arrive: threats can take the form of crime (either physical, cyber or financial crime), terrorism, espionage or malpractice from people within a company.

Any recommendations we make following our survey will be supported by a cost benefit analysis, specifying where savings can be made. Our security survey services cover London, Birmingham & the UK.

For more information about our security surveys, contact the SES Group today and we’ll be happy to help.

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