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How Many Security Guards Do I Need?

How Many Security Guards Do I Need?

When thinking about the security of your business — or a one-off event — the number of security guards you have stationed will have a direct impact on the security, safety, comfort and image of your premises.

Your ideal number will depend on the size of the premises, the nature of the business, how many entrances you have, the foot traffic and location.

Security guards aren’t simply for site safety either; they can help to create a friendly, intuitive and easy experience for visitors, so this is also something you’ll need to keep in mind.

The SES Group Guarding The Grange Hotel


Front of house security

The role of a front of house security guard is multifaceted. If your premises has a separate lobby area, front of house security — or concierge security — will be the first port of call for new visitors, who will be greeted, guided and documented. Depending on the foot traffic of the premises, you may need more than one security guard in this position.

Not only will this make the lobby — and the visitor’s experience — more efficient, but having another trained security specialist on hand will greatly increase the security of the premises.


The type of premises

Different types of premises will require different security solutions. For large office buildings which store sensitive information in data centres, or require strict access control for certain floors and rooms, you will naturally require more dedicated security guards.

Smaller firms with a single entrance and limited floor space may only require a single concierge or front of house security guard to keep a steady eye on activity within the building.



Where your premises is located will influence the fundamental security requirements. If situated in a busy city centre, with an entrance facing a bustling thoroughfare, you should definitely consider investing in a front of house security guard, regardless of the size of the premises.

Front of house security is a visible deterrent. Simply having a trained security specialist in sight demonstrates to passersby that you have thought about the security and safety of the building, which reduces the risk of intrusion.


How many entrances are there?

This crosses over with the size of the premises. For larger buildings with multiple access points, you need to consider how easy it would be for a single guard to patrol and cover each area. It’s often safer to station security guards at each entrance, allowing more of the premises to be surveyed at any given time.

For public events, this is one of the first things to consider. With visitors streaming in, multiple security guards are needed for each entrance. This will both speed up admittance, minimising waiting times, while also ensuring proper security procedures are followed for each entrant.

The challenge here is gauging exactly what the demand will look like for each entrance. Underestimating foot traffic could lead to overcrowding, which could be dangerous. Ticketed events will be easier to plan for, while, for unticketed events, it will be better to seek advice from a security professional — such as the SES Group — to help plan accordingly.

For events, security may also be needed to look after queues, secure car parks and to be placed at strategic points across the event space. To safeguard every visitor on site, there should be no blind spots, especially at opening and closing times.


Do I need a Security survey?

There’s no magic number when it comes to security guards. A security solution which works for one premises or event won’t necessarily work somewhere else. To ensure you have the right security coverage for your specific premises, a security survey is essential.

A security survey will identify exactly what security risks currently exists, and will tailor a plan to ensure these risks are eliminated. This will include recommending how many — and what type of — manned security guards are needed.


Manned Guarding Security across London, Birmingham and beyond

The SES Group provides specialist manned security services for commercial premises and events throughout London, Birmingham and the entire UK.

We can carry out in-depth security surveys to help you find the ideal security solution for your building, and our highly trained security personnel will ensure your premises remains safe, secure and welcoming for employees and visitors alike.


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