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The Property Inspection Team – August Newsletter

The Property Inspection Team – August Newsletter

Welcome to the SES Group’s August Newsletter, this month we focus on our Property Inspection Team.

Download the PDF version of this newsletter here.

August Newsletter Hero - the SES Group

  • Written by: Lisa Taylor, Property Lead – The SES Group

Lisa is currently overseeing Health & Safety property inspections on behalf of Network Rail within the commercial estate portfolio since 2017. Lisa shadows Inspectors on the ground, and she has a good knowledge of the National commercial estate portfolio. As Property Lead, Lisa manages the deployment, support, and monitoring or a large team of inspectors on dual contracts daily.


Property Admin Department

There are six members within the property administration team who all strive to make the project run smoothly and efficiently. Each member has a significant job role expected to be delivered when reporting back to our client on a monthly period.


Data Admin Responsibilities:

Our data admins look after the master spreadsheet. This captures all data from the inspection reports and deals with any communication between the site managers relating to any concern to one of their properties. With all the data captured, a monthly report is presented to the clients on our current progress of the project.


Comms out Admin Responsibilities:

Making telephone calls and sending emails. Communication directly with the tenants to secure appointments and collecting any new additional information given from the tenants. All this information is then passed onto the data admin to update the master. Comms Admin & Data Admin must have excellent communication.


Comms in Admin Responsibilities:

Receiving telephone calls and emails communication directly with the tenants to chase outstanding Health and Safety documentation. Also, communication with the inspectors regarding any queries. All this information is then passed onto the data admin to update the master. Comms Admin & Data Admin must have excellent communication.


Scheduler Responsibilities:

Close communication with the property inspectors. Creates a schedule with a bespoke software for all the inspectors, managing the distance and time between each property. Confirms appointments with the Comms admin in corresponding to the inspector’s proximity. Comms Admin & The Scheduler must have excellent communication.


Horizon Responsibilities:

Any new information provided from the client is presented on a software called horizon. This information is used to update working database of properties. This job role is to make sure horizon is up to date and corresponds with the master data input as well as ensuring all information on reports to clients are accurate.


Story of the last month…

Over the last month The SES Group, like many businesses, has faced many challenges due to COVID-19.

Throughout the period of lockdown our property inspectors completed visual property inspections to make sure all properties owned by our client with a large commercial portfolio nationwide were kept secure and safe while not in use, as well as making sure there was no hazard to the railway line. With the slow lifting of lockdown, full inspections are starting to recommence as properties start to re-open.

A positive outcome throughout COVID-19 was sealing a new 2-year contract with a client with a nationwide commercial property portfolio to continue to deliver exceptional work to the client.

One of our property administration team members received a reward & recognition award for delivering impeccable work. Their actions in managing, supporting, and developing the staff involved in the property inspection team over a prolonged period.

Most recently, we have sealed a new client in Peterborough to inspect their large industrial warehouses. With the expectation of expanding to their wider portfolio.



What can we offer you?

In addition to our property inspection services, we offer a wide range of security services here at The SES Group, each one tailored to provide exactly what you need.

  • Take a look at our services below, or give our team a call on 020 3858 0528 today.


Health & Safety at your premise

Within our health and safety inspections our main goal is to make sure your premise is up to the health and safety regulation standards within the following categories:


Fire Safety

  • Checking each premise has an emergency action plan
  • Inspecting all fire extinguishers are in date and correctly serviced
  • Checking all fire and smoke alarms are tested and recorded
  • Checking a fire risk assessment is in place which is reviewed on a yearly basis
  • Checking fire exit are clear and well signed


Electrical & Gas safety

  • If there is electrics at the premise ensuring the tenant has a satisfactory electrical test certificate in place
  • If there is gas at the premise ensuring the tenant has a gas safety certificate and a gas boiler service record if relevant
  • Checking for any gas cylinders at the premise and make sure they are stored and signed correctly


General Safety

  • An overall check of the welfare of the building
  • Check the building for evidence of trespassers and squatters
  • Making clients aware of any fly tipping or waste disposal issues

If any of the above becomes a concern it is raised with the clients immediately.

For more information please contact Steven Thompson;

Tel: 07511 906003


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